ISS Corporation has extensive experience in implementing subsurface use projects and provides advice and support on obtaining subsurface use contracts and selecting promising projects in the mining and oil and gas industry.

The companies that are part of the holding company carry out a wide range of activities, starting from the geological study of the subsurface and ending with the development of underground space. At the moment, they are carrying out a number of projects on subsurface use: prospecting and exploration necessary to determine reserves, the quality of ores, the choice of methods for developing deposits, construction and operation of underground structures, as well as projects in the mining and oil and gas industry.

According to foreign experts, Kazakhstan is one of the most attractive countries for foreign investment in subsoil use. A lot of work has been done in the country to reform investment legislation and legal norms on subsoil use.

The new code" on subsoil and subsoil use", adopted in 2017, opened new opportunities for foreign investors to work in Kazakhstan.