Power industry

Power generation – the industry system of any country. Without the rapid development of this industry can be no question about the success of the economy as a whole.

Electric power industry of Kazakhstan is characterized by a significant part of the depreciated fixed assets. At 65% power equipment has aged more than 20 years, 31% - more than 30 years. Is it not better and the state of power grid facilities - deterioration of the equipment is 60-80%. Particularly deplorable state of energy networks in the villages.
The implementation of the state program of forced industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan will increase up to 2014 the volume of the economy in half. In general, over the next five years is provided to implement more than 320 investment projects, of which this year will be adding 142 new business investments worth more than $ 5 million.

In this regard, in the long term energy consumption will increase dramatically and will reach 124-130 billion kW ∙ h One of the ways of solving problems are the construction of new stations and upgrading of power grids in order to increase energy production and to avoid the problem of power shortages in the future, and as a consequence of inhibition and development of the economy as a whole.
The main base of power in the Republic of Kazakhstan are thermal power plants, whose share in total electricity production is 87%, leaving hydropower and other renewable energy sources 13%. At the same time operating thermal power plants consume 65% of the total supply of coal. As a result, with an increase in electricity production and consumption will increase significantly the fuel consumption and environmental burden on the environment.

In accordance with the plan developed by the Government of RK in 2015 assumed the commissioning of new generating facilities with a total capacity of 8164 MW, including the construction of new - 5456 MW and expansion of existing power stations - 2708 MW, as well as the implementation of development projects and rehabilitation of the RV RK electrical networks REC.

The dynamic development of Kazakhstan's energy sector, the growing interest of investors, as well as the widespread adoption and use of advanced equipment and technologies are opening new horizons of cooperation for domestic and foreign companies engaged in energy and related industries.

The correct solution of accumulated problems will not only ensure energy security in Kazakhstan, but also greatly expand the role of power in the diversification of the domestic economy.