Companies and work experience

1) "EnergoPromStroyService" LLC performs building, starting-up and adjustment works on objects of the industry, power stations and transport fields on the all territory of Kazakhstan . During the period of 2003 and 2010 modernization of means РЗА on 13 large substations of joint-stock company "KEGOC" is made. Within the limits of the first stage of modernization of the National Electric Network replacement of the primary equipment by a number of substations of joint-stock company "KEGOC" is spent. For 7 years of work the company has laid more than 1000 km of cable lines. Within the limits of reconstruction of a republican network of high-voltage electric mains works under 37 contracts have been made: during these works 1500 km of a wire have been mounted and established about 500 support for transmission lines.

The company has a wide experience on building and repair of industrial buildings and constructions, and also various engineering communications: such works were spent on more than 30 objects of the industry and power stations.

Following the results of 2009 the company gain has made almost 2,5 billion tenge.

2) "Electrosetstroy" LLC is specialized on the construction organization on building and repair of electric mains with pressure up to 110kV, also transformer substations and  installation and adjustment of electric networks for industrial and civil objects.

The company took part in building of systems of an electrical supply of such objects as Temirtau flourmill, Kurminka and Majkuduk integrated poultry farms, Volynsk  pork packing complex, Shubarkol and Kuuchek coal fields etc.

3) "Wolong - Kazakhstan" LLC - a major branch of the Chinese holding company "Wolong", which is one of the major suppliers in China, a major electrical equipment and design solutions. Products and solutions can be widely used for power transmission, oil, coal, natural gas, industrial automation and energy saving systems and technologies. Currently holding company controls 30% market in China for the production of high-voltage equipment for substations with capacity from 110 kV to 500 kV, as well as 50% market share of high-voltage electrical equipment for railways, subways and urban transport in the various electric. The company has eight Wolong large production bases in the cities of Shanxi, Shaoxing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan, Inchuan, Beijing, Shenzhen. The main products - a high-voltage electrical products, industrial generators, home generators, microgenerators, UPS, elektromopedy, traction transformers for railway electrification, system integration, etc.