Alternative energy sources

One of the priority directions of development of electricity and solve environmental problems in Kazakhstan is the use of renewable energy resources. According to expert estimates, the potential of renewable energy resources (hydro, wind and solar energy) in Kazakhstan is very significant. The share of renewable energy in total electricity production in the Republic is 0.5%. According to the targets of the State program for accelerated industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - SPFIID) in 2014 to achieve the amount of electricity generated by renewable sources of energy should reach - 1 billion kWh per year, which amount to more than 1% of the total electricity consumption . In this case, the strategic goal in the energy sector, "The strategic development plan of the Republic of Kazakhstan till 2020" the share of alternative energy sources by 2020 will amount to more than 3% of total energy consumption.

For Kazakhstan the most promising are the following types of renewable energy sources: wind energy, small hydro, solar installations for the production of heat and electricity.

One of the fastest growing forms of renewable energy in the world is a wind energy. From a geographical and meteorological point of view of Kazakhstan is a country favorable for large-scale use of wind energy.

According to expert estimates, Kazakhstan's wind energy potential is estimated at 929 billion kilowatt-hours electricity per year. Studies carried out in joint venture with the UN Development Program (hereinafter - UNDP) project on wind power, showed the presence of a good climate and wind conditions for the construction of wind farms in the South, West, North and Central zones of Kazakhstan. The presence of free space in these areas can develop the capacity to thousands of megawatts of wind farms.

In order to support the use renewable energy sources July 4, 2009, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On supporting the use of renewable energy."

Law, provides for a number of measures to support renewable energy, including redundancy and priority in the allocation of land plots for construction of renewable energy power transmission organization obligations to purchase electricity produced from renewable energy sources renewable energy exemption from payment for transport of electricity over networks, support for connecting objects by the use of renewable energy to power transmission networks of the organization, the provision of physical and legal persons engaged in the design, construction and operation of the use of renewable energy, investment preferences in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan on investments.

Pursuant to the Action Plan of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan to implement the State program for accelerated industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan, the Ministry developed a draft "Electricity Sector Development Program for 2010-2014" (hereinafter - the Draft Program). One of the sections of the draft program is the development and use of renewable energy sources, as well as attracting investment in this area.

Holding ISS Corporation seeks to support initiatives of the State and protect the natural environment, so it is very interested in the development of innovative projects in the field of alternative energy sources.