General information

Specialization - the realization of unique projects in the field of information technology, telecommunications and automation


 • Group of Companies has all necessary licenses for the implementation of major projects (GosStroyLitsenziya for design and survey work and construction works)

 • Permission to carry out activities to protect the state. secrets.

 • Authorization of the leading manufacturers of telecommunications equipment and automation.

Generated by the system IT. 

• Examination, analysis and development requirements for the telecommunications and information systems

• Design and structure of an integrated network of information

• Delivery, installation of hardware and software, setting up processing equipment 

• Education, counseling

• Warranty, Technical Support

Generated by the system.

Technical solutions for the following subsystems: 

• Automated monitoring and metering (AMR)

• Dispatching (Intellectual Building)

• Satellite tracking of moving objects 

• Radio Frequency Identification Systems 

• Automated parking of vehicles 

• Master clock systems 

• Information and referral systems