Factories and a brief description of products

1) The Karaganda factory of polyethylene pipes (TIATR) – modern highly technological manufacture of pipes LPP for cold water supply from low-pressure polyethylene of high density PE-100. Pipes are produced by pieces of 11,85m and more at will of the customer. Range of pipe diameters from 90mm until 630mm, with normal pressure of water 4atm until 25atm. There is an advanced equipment of leading foreign manufacturers at factory equipped with microprocessor techniques of handling and control of technological process. 

Polyethylene PE100 made by leader in the Asian market of polymers the Southern-Korean company Dealim Industrial Co., Ltd. is used for production. 

2) "KAZTERM" LLC carries out with production of steel radiators. 

The industrial complex includes:
- A press forming line (5 presses various capacity);
- Welding lines;
- Painting lines. 

Capacity: 144 000 radiators per year 

The production technology: automated pressing, welding of a metal ware. 

The Italian equipment of the company «LEAS SpA» which is one of the European leaders in the field of technological lines for production of steel, panel radiators is used at the factory.