Companies and work experience

1) "ProektMontajTechnologia" LLC specializes on projecting and construction industrial objects, and also on equipment installation process. The company has carried out:

- Designing and construction of factories «Balkash Sut», "Europlast", Shahtinsk factory of the SMS, feed mill of the Kurminsky poultry farm, factory on coal briquette in Karaganda, brickyard  of  "Keratec" LLC;
- Re-equipment of the «Efes Karaganda» Brewery, confectionery factory «Sweet of Karaganda», major repair of the Metallurgist PC in Balkash;
- Designing, repair, reconstruction and new construction of 18 fuel warehouses for "KazakhstanTemir Zholy";
- Construction of tailing pit for «Kazakhmys Corporation» & etc.;
The value of executed works from 2001 until 2010 is 7,7 billion tenge. 

2) Institute "Gradient-Proekt" The design bureau incorporates more than 30 experts and carries out complex designing of buildings and constructions of a various special-purpose designation (all parts of the equipment design the EXPERT, the General plan, 08, H/L, EL, the alarm system and communication, etc.). Has a wide experience of designing of multi apartment houses, educational cases, restaurants, boiler, car-care centers, industrial shops, crushing sections of factories and so forth.

3) "KazTechProect" - Research Project institute "KazTechProect" renders consulting services for the enterprises that are engaged in development of a raw material sources, including prospecting works and processing of mineral raw materials. 

Customers of the company are: 

- «Consortium KazProm-Nerud» LLC; "Company "KazProm-Kyzylorda» LLC;
- «Zhanakorgan Industrial complex of Construction Materials» LLC; "Shalkija-Nerud" LLC;
- Joint-stock company "Karaganda-Nerud"; joint-stock company "Maykainzoloto"; joint-stock company "Mercury";
- «Taraz Industrial complex of Construction Materials» LLC; joint-stock company "NC" SEC "Tobol";
- "TechEnergoPostavka" LLC; «Committee on atom energy» GB MEMR;
- Joint-stock company «National Company« Socially-enterprise Corporation "Ontustik";
- «Incorporated Chemical Company»LLC;
- «Kentau mountain-metallurgical Company» LLC
- NAC "Kazatomprom", etc.

4) "NIC Almaty-Standart" LLC - Carries out accreditation of the companies on work on confirmation of compliance of construction, electro technical, food and agricultural, perfumery and cosmetic production, consumer goods, household chemicals, mechanical vehicles and services of bases of oil products and filling stations.

- renders services in compliance confirmation available to all customers, whose activity gets to area of accreditation of OPS;
- renders services to the customer which aren't caused by outputs or his membership in any association or group;
- carries out compliance confirmation not depending on number of already issued certificates;
- estimates production and services of customers in the criteria established in the relevant normative documents on production.
The constant (regular) personnel with a wide experience of work in this field of activity & 15 experts of them-auditors on various activities. 

As a part of OPS there is the Test center including equipped test laboratories in all directions of declared area of accreditation. production, consumer goods, household chemicals, mechanical vehicles and services of bases of oil products and filling stations.

5) "Sunrise-sertic" LLC - Carries out a full complex of actions for production certification: - Electro technical - Machine-building, Vehicles.

Consulting services: 

preparation of documents on obtaining the license, coordination, permissions and the conclusions from authorized bodies (the Ministry of Emergency
Situations: Committee of fire-prevention supervision, Committee of industrial safety, Ministry environmental protection, Committee on technical regulation and metrology, Committee of atomic energy of the Ministry of the industry and new technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, SES: Committee on sanitary inspection of Ministry of Health, the oil and gas Ministry, Committee on nuclear supervision), permissions and the conclusions to construction from department on construction and architecture, state examination. 

Our clients are such companies: 

RBG Kazakhstan LLP, Company "Seyfti Consulting Service", ERSAY Caspian Kontraktor LLP, Branch "Saypem Kazakhstan Filial" of JSC Saypem S.p.A, Pundzh Loyd Kazakhstan LLP, "Bee Jay Servisez Kompanii Middle Ist", Haniuell-Avtomaticheskaya Sistema Upravleniya LLP, Petrokazakhstan Oil Prodakts LLP, Mayersk Oil LLP, SIMENS Kazakhstan and others. 

6) "MCA Metrology" LLC - renders services to the enterprises and the organizations for checking of measuring instruments by the following types: 

- weight measurement
- volume measurement
- pressure measurement
- temperature measurement
- electric measurements
- physical and chemical measurements 

"MCA Metrology" LLC has the constant (regular) personnel of 14 experts with a wide experience of work in this field of activity on different types of measurements. 

As a part of "MCA Metrology" LLC there is own equipped testing laboratory in all directions of the declared area of accreditation.