Companies and work experience

1) "Trade Intercom" LLC throughout all years of the existence actively works on construction of surface facilities of oil and gas deposits in Aktobe region and works on construction of large objects of industry and infrastructure. In total more than 150 projects were realized.

Some of the executed works recently:

• Construction of a chisel platform with mine during searches of hydro carbonic raw materials at Sinelnikovsky deposit (the customer – Ozturk Munaj);

• Gas supply of gas power plant in area «Southern Karatube» (the customer – Aday Energy)

• Construction under the project « hermetic discharge oil on an oil loading rack of station"Bestamak" (the customer – Kazakhoil Aktobe)

• Construction and commissioning outside and intra ward engineering networks of an electrical supply of microdistrict "Batys-2" in Aktobe, residential community around the Noviy in Aktobe ("Department of construction of Aktobe")

Other clients of the company are: КСС, CNPC, AktobeMunayGas, АФ "StroyTransGaz", the Consortium «Alibekmola Neftestroy», CaspiyNeft ТМЕ, Kazhrom, KazTatMunay, "ChPPI" LLC (Kazakhstan), Altius Petroleum International, Worley Parsons Kazakhstan, InterGlassKazakhstan, Imstalkon.

2) "CentrKotloServise" LLC specializes on construction of boiler-houses, installation/reconstruction/repair of the boiler equipment. Only for 2009-2011, the company has being realized a number of large and small projects, among which are:

• Construction and equipping boiler-house in regional hospital in Botakara;

• Repair of system of heating, the boiler equipment, water pipe on a military facility;

• Boiler-house repair in Priozersk,

• Reconstruction of steam lines, coppers and turbines of Almaty thermal power station-3.

Total value of executed works for the specified period is 1,2 billion tenge.

3) "PromStroyCentre" LLC carries out construction and electro installation works, installation/repair of systems of water supply, water drains, and heat supplies. Among company large-scale projects are:

• Construction-and-assembling operations and electroinstallation works of some industrial shops, and thermal power station-PVS for «Arselor Mittal of Temirtau»;

• Restoration of systems of heating of two boiler houses of the Vasilkovsky ore-dressing factory;

• Installation of the boiler equipment boiler houses of the Vasilkovsky ore-dressing factory;

• Major repairs building of the Theatre of the young spectator of Temirtau;

• A number of construction and electroinstallation works in «Central Asia Cement».

• The value of executed works for 2008-2009 is 3,1 billion tenge.

4) "Company NuraiStroy" LLC specializes on carrying out of systems of water supply, including installation of water towers and the process equipment, and also general building and electro installation works.

General regions of activity of the company: Astana and Karaganda areas.

From the beginning of 2006 it is executed 33 contracts for a total sum of 4,4 billion tenge.

5) "KDSK" LLC - The basic line of activity of "KDSK" LLC is reconstruction, average repair and building of highways, bridges and traffic intersections.

The company has own asphalt concrete factory productivity of 180 tons/hours, and also a crusher section for production of rubble manufacture.