Companies and work experience

1) "E.M.Nur-Stroy" LLC
The primary activity of "E.M.Nur-Stroy" LLC is designing and construction civil and industrial objects, a construction of roads and transportation of cargoes. 

The company has carried out following construction:
  - Camp on a deposit Western Mynkuduk;
  - Camp on a deposit Northern Harasan;
  - Camp on a deposit of Semizbaj;
  - Road to deposits of Akdala and Betpak Has;
  - Road to Tajkonur town in the Kyzylorda region;
  - The bridge crossing the river Syr-Darya;
  - Moreover, has taken a part in many other construction projects. 

2) "Temir-Arka" LLC - the construction company with a wide experience of building large industrial objects. The company has constructed: 

  - Concentrating mill of mine "Kentobe",
  - Concentrating mill of mine «Western Karazhal»,
  - Object of piping at coal cut of "Shubarkol" joint-stock company,
  - Factory on manufacture specific coke in Nurinsky area,
  - Factory on manufacture pipes in Aktau,
  - Hoist engine of mine and mine construction at "Nurkazgan",
  - Sport center construction in Temirtau, etc. 

Since 2004, the company has performed works for a total sum over 3,3 billion tenge. 

3) "MH-Stroy" LLC
The field of activity of "MH-Stroy" LLC – building and construction works, including excavation and foundation work, erection of steel structures, roofing. The company has constructed following objects:

  - Car center "KAPA";
  - Factory on manufacture foamed polyurethane «EGOFOM»;
  - The "City";
  - The "Corn". 

In the present construction of the plant for the production of insulated pipes of 400 km per year for Hyunwoo Central Asia - a joint venture ISS Corporation and Hyunwoo ENC Co., Ltd

4) "StroyInvest" LLC Today "StroyInvest" LLC is one of the largest construction companies of the south region of Kazakhstan in segment of construction of residential and industrial constructions and constructions, purposefully expanding presence geography at the market. Some of the constructed objects are:

  -Cast-in-situ structures in Shymkent;
  -Business center and hotel in Kyzylorda;
  -School on 1266 pupils;
  -Office of the "Ontustik" SEA;
  -Office of Tax and Customs committees of the "Ontustik" SEA;
  -Regional clinical hospital of Shymkent;
  -School with a boarding school in Shayan;
  -Kindergarden in Astana etc.