In this industry, the Holding companies perform construction, installation and commissioning works at industrial, energy and transport facilities throughout Kazakhstan.

The company's products and solutions can be widely applied to the transmission of electricity, oil, coal, natural gas, industrial automation, and energy-saving systems and technologies.

The holding companies carry out the following works:

  • modernization of electrical networks;
  • replacement of primary equipment at substations;
  • laying of cable lines;
  • reconstruction of national networks of high-voltage power lines;
  • construction and repair of power transmission lines with a voltage from 0.4 to 220 kV and transformer substations;
  • installation and commissioning of electrical networks for industrial and civil facilities;
  • construction of power supply systems.

Construction companies that are part of the holding have extensive experience in the construction and repair of industrial buildings and structures, as well as various engineering communications at industrial and energy facilities.