ISSCorporation implements new projects for the development of transport and logistics services in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including in the free economic and industrial zones of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The companies that are part of the holding provide a full range of services at a high level related to the transportation of goods to various localities throughout Kazakhstan and to foreign countries.

Our employees have the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to build logistics chains in order to reduce time, labor and financial costs as much as possible.

In the process of solving problems, our companies minimize costs and optimize cargo transportation processes, reducing the cost of transportation and reducing the price of goods and products.

Tasks performed by a specialized logistics organization:

  • Transport: search for the most rational type of transport necessary for transportation; development of the route taking into account the congestion of motorways and the characteristics of the product;
  • Warehouse: identification of points for loading and unloading operations and temporary storage of cargo; availability of access roads;
  • Sales: transportation of goods to the place of sale within the delivery time;
  • Purchasing: related to the delivery of raw materials or materials to the place of their processing or use in the production process;
  • Calculation of all transportation costs.

Our goal is to provide the most comfortable services and reduce possible expenses.